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Village Partenaire

Partners Village

This 1000 m2 exclusive space brings together around fifteen brands which display in blue and white striped beach huts, symbol of the Brittany coast. Located next to the VIP boxes and the warm up arena, the Partners Village associates the values of the brands represented to the elegance of equestrian sport.

Accessible to visitors, this refined place also facilitates exchanges between professionals, riders, owners or visitors, in a convivial atmosphere.

The Champagne Bar managed by Edouard Set offers a high standard menu and gives rhythm to the parties of the show, thanks to the DJ of the Bax, hotspot of La Baule evenings.

Access : Free
Only for people with a ticket for the free grandstand, official grandstand or the public restaurant.

Opening hours:  09.00am – 07.00pm (stands) ; 08.00am – 10.00pm (Champagne Bar)


Antarès Sellier France

Always established in France, Antarès is known worldwide for the quality of its custom saddles. 
45 craftsman work every day in our workshop to make them. 
We also developed technical accessories, especially with our saddles leather scraps. For example, the helmets and bridles collections.

Contact your nearby commercial : www.antares-sellier.com/ou-acheter/france/

Boutiques Week-End

Boutique Week-end - 350
By your side for nearly 20 years, we strive in passion to offer you the best selection. From ready-to-wear brands, Men/Women fashion accessories, to shoes, all designed to suit you.
For each new collection, we aspire to find not only the trendy pieces of the season, but also those that inspire us with the sole aim of seducing you.
Because your ‘coup de coeur’ are important to us !

More information on our website : www.boutiques-weekend.fr

Bruno Delgrange Maitre Sellier

Bruno Delgrange photo VP

The Bruno Delgrange brand is recognised worldwide for its values and the perfection of its work. Our workshop is entirely dedicated to the equestrian world and remains at the heart of our passion for the horse, responding to the specific needs of riders.

The Bruno Delgrange range is made entirely by hand, always considering the welfare of the animals. This craftsmanship is the real strong-point of our workshop, which has been awarded the EPV label, a symbol of excellence for French expertise. Each piece can be customised and guarantees a unique feel.

More informations on our website : www.brunodelgrange.com

Burban Producteur

Producteur burban
Coming from traditional market gardening, this Bauloise family has evolved and developed over the generations to offer you strawberries, raspberries, red berries as well as a range of processed products. BURBAN Producer is committed daily to the well-being of plants while respecting the environment in order to offer you quality products for the enjoyment of young and old alike.
You can find all the Bauloise production in the markets of the presqu’ile, on site when the free picking opens, as well as in the vending machine at the entrance to Escoublac.

For more information visit the site: www.lafraisedelabaule.fr


Cavalassur, created in 2001, is today the leader in horse insurance in France thanks to a team of enthusiasts and a constantly evolving website. Our wish is to offer you the range of products most suited to your needs. With innovative online services: formula comparator, personalized quotes, immediate subscription, electronic signature or monthly payment.

We offer you complete solutions that may include civil liability, insurance for your saddle, your van ... and many more.

Cavalassur is also a sponsor or exhibitor in numerous equestrian events such as Le Salon du cheval de Paris, Equita'Lyon, the Pôle International du Cheval de Deauville and its Cavalassur Top Ten, the Jumping de la Baule, the Mondial du Lion ... Finally, we support many talented riders like Maxime Livio, Mathieu Lemoine, Donatien Schauly in eventing, Alexandra Ledermann, Thomas Lambert, Sarah Desmoules in show jumping, Alizée Roussel in dressage and many others.

Cavalassur, much more than an insurer.

CWD Sellier

CWD is the top-of-the-range saddle maker dedicated to the sporting performance of riders, while respecting the physical integrity of horses.
Our saddles are chosen by the world’s best riders as well as by demanding amateurs. CWD owes this success to its policy of research into the horse's locomotor system and its uncompromising innovations focused on precision and comfort.

At CWD, we strive to control our value chain from A to Z, from the animal's hide to the tannery, manufacturing, sales, logistics and after-sales service.This cross-functional model is unique in the world and guarantees an unparalleled level of excellence.

Contact our sport expert saddle : https://eu.cwdsellier.com/gb/find-us



GPA Safety Legend 

GPA innovation beyond technology 

GLOBAL-CONCEPT helmet uses the technology of the survival cells from Formula 1. The aim is to offer an ultra-rigid lightweight shell and to dampen, from the inside and from the outside, the impact energy.
The GLOBAL helmet has two shells :

- one outershell made of several successive layers using carbone, carbone/kevlar and aramide honeycomb fabric that brings extreme rigidity and limits crushing deformation and perforation
- one innershell in carbone/kevlar that gives strenght to the first structure

GREAT INNOVATION : a revolutionnary back retention system providing additionnal protection for the cervicals vertebrae. It was designed to greatly improve the helmet’s stabibility on the head, to make side strapes unnecessary and allow to clear the face and provide greater comfort.
The visor is removable and can be changed by another model of visor.

A custom made product with the finishings of your choice, entirely handmade in UFO GROUPE workshop in France.

Advised RPP : 1890€

More informations :

Web links :
GLOBAL-CONCEPT EVO | GPA (gpa-sport.com)

Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot is a French brand designing technical clothing for riders considering riding as a sport.

Each of our products is developed and designed in order to meet their expectation in terms of performance, protection and excellence. As our textile expertise draws its inspiration from other outdoor sports, Horse Pilot stands by the riders in all circumstances, regardless of the conditions.

Visuel Horse Pilot

More informations on our Website !

Le Fondant Baulois

At the beginning of the 80s, the Fondant Baulois comes out of the oven of a little pastry shop, in the center of La Baule.

Prepared exclusively with simple and natural ingredients (cocoa, fresh eggs, butter with local sea salt, flour and cane sugar), its texture and delicately caramelized flavor quickly settle the Fondant Baulois as the local gourmet speciality.

Our secretly kept recipe and artisanal methods have remained unchanged since 1981. The ”authentique” Fondant Baulois has become an essential part of La Baule’s lifestyle, that every traveler can bring back home to savour and share.

Visite our website: www.lefondantbaulois.com

Visuel fondant baulois

Shops :
Boutique de La Baule - 131 av de Gaulle - La Baule
Boutique de Pornichet - 2 Bd de la République - Pornichet

Land Rover


Auto Selection Jaguar Land Rover, the passion and the seriousness of the high-end automobile!

Jaguar dealer and authorized repairer in Nantes for 20 years, Auto Selection was entrusted with the Land Rover brand in June 2016. With our 3 sites in Nantes, Rennes and Angers, we cover a large part of the West side.

The best way to get to know Jaguar Land Rover is to get closer to our range and come and meet us. Jaguar Land Rover high-end vehicles combine design and technology: sedans, sports cars, SUVs and 4 * 4s, will give you a unique driving experience. Every Jaguar and every Land Rover is designed to bring you comfort, well-being, safety, performance and reliability and driving pleasure.
The ecological footprint of our vehicles is an essential factor in the development of the entire Jaguar Land Rover range.
This is why we now offer a range of engines that meet the expectations of our customers and in tune with the environment. You will then have the choice between 100% electric engines (Jaguar I-Pace), petrol / diesel MHEV (micro Hybrid), PHEV petrol engines (Rechargeable Hybrid) and even a bioethanol MHEV engine on the Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport as well as the Jaguar E-Pace.

We therefore invite you to come and try our new high-end vehicles in this new setting totally dedicated to the JAGUAR LAND ROVER brands: sedan, station wagon, coupe, SUV, convertible, high-end sports cars and luxury 4X4.

Are you looking for a used vehicle? Choose peace of mind by buying your Jaguar or Land Rover in our Dealership and benefit from the “APPROVED” label with its 2-year warranty and 165 control points.

Monthly purchase and maintenance of your future vehicle thanks to our rental financing formulas. Our Advisors are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday to offer you the best offer.

Produced by Jaguar Land Rover, maintained by Jaguar Land Rover. With our Official Jaguar Land Rover Maintenance Services, you can rest assured that your car is always in top condition, performing at peak performance and retaining all of its value. To perform maintenance on your vehicle, our experts are in the best position. With a Jaguar Land Rover overhaul, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your car will be in good hands. Our certified technicians are regularly trained on the most sophisticated technologies and we only use original parts, to ensure the best service for your vehicle. Software controls and mechanical updates are naturally included.

Jaguar Land Rover Nantes, vehicles of passion for the enthusiast who lies dormant in you!

Renaissance by Prestige

renaissance by prestige
Renaissance is the contemporary interpretation of the synthesis of two great experiences, that of Prestige Italia and the oldest saddlery tradition! An elite product for demanding Riders ! 

Website : 





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