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Welcome to La Baule

La Baule is a lot more than a sea resort on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean where one only spend a few days’ vacation. It is a living place with an incredible richness.

La Baule means memories, wishes, desires. It represents a cocktail of emotions, sensations, flavours, colours. La Baule means rambles, and the spirit wandering in its small streets at the bottom of the opulent-looking villas and their gardens, under the shade of the pine trees.

Developped under the impulsion of François André, Lucien Barrière’s uncle and real inventor of modern tourism, La Baule was born at the end of the 19th century and managed to cross history while keeping the charm of a place with a unique atmosphere.

La Baule is of course about sea and sailing. Exceptional facilities, a huge 9 kilometers long beach and a sea front, paradise for joggers who enjoy sunrise or sunset. New sailing with the kitesurf lovers who come to this unique sport for the pleasure of sliding. More traditional sailing as well with, among the most famous regattas, the « Voiles de Légende » one in August organized by the Yacht Club, nested next to the Pouliguen Port with breathtaking view over the bay. 

Since 2012, the bay of La Baule joined the very limited circle of the most beautiful bays in the world, according to World Bays, an association created 15 years ago, which gathers the 36 most beautiful bays of the planet. A drastic selection based on very strict criteria like the richness of fauna and flora, the development of its economic activities, proximity of remarkable and attractive natural spaces…

La Baule is also a city where the focus is on sports. Among the unmissable, the triathlon of La Baule is a major event for the elite of the discipline but also for all the amateurs, sure to find all the necessary conditions for a maximum pleasure. The Audienca triathlon of La Baule (September) is only one example among others like golf, tennis…

La Baule means also culture. The city offers exhibitions, literary meetings, a music festival (July), an exhibition of exceptional vehicles during a prestigious evening, a movie and film music festival (November)…

La Baule is finally a region. One does not have to go very far to enjoy the charms of the inland, on horse back, on foot or on a bicycle, in line with the paths hidden between land and sea.  The Côte sauvage, the peninsula of Guérande, a city dear to the Dukes of Brittany; the salt marshes of the Pays Blanc, those thousands of water mirrors, and the task of the salt cultivators who collect each year 12 000 tons of salt, all those places leave a lifelong memory to anybody who managed to wander around.


La Baule is a spirit, a breath, an inspiration.